Monday, May 10, 2010

My Mother's Day present......Its a boy!!!!!

Things have been crazy busy again, ugh. But they have all been good events. First was Joe's birthday. I tried to surprise him with some Cubs hats, but I bought the wrong size for one of them. That mistake was easily fixed by an exchange. Then we went to BWW and had a nice dinner and he took some days off at the end of the week.
Friday 5/7 my niece turned 1. It's so weird looking back a year ago. So many things have changed. Last year on 5/7 I was thrilled to be able to see my brand new niece for the first time and hold her, but heartbroken and in tears as I drove home with an empty belly due to my miscarriage a little more than a month before that. Now exactly a year later I got to hear my baby's heartbeat and find out he is a he! My family was so happy because the girl streak has finally been broken. My dad kept asking, are you sure?? The answer, yeah it was pretty clear on the ultrasound. Joe's parents are thrilled. His dad already is talking about t-ball and getting the old baseball gloves out.
Joe and I have started looking at baby stuff seriously for the first time in years and even started a registry. I think he had as much fun scanning all the different stuff as I did.
And even though this baby is still in my belly, Joe made sure this 1st Mother's Day was beyond perfect. He took me to a nice lunch and got me the most delicious chocolate covered strawberries where he hand picked out the toppings. And then to top it off he got me a beautiful Willow Tree figurine. I was so amazed at everything he did for me, he knew I have been waiting for this day for so many years and I will remember it for many more.
So today we have been relaxing and will do some more chillin tomorrow, then Wed its back to work.
He are some of the pics from the ultrasound.